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Fire windows are different from ordinary

Author: jianxiaTime:2020/6/5

The difference between fire windows and ordinary windows

1. From the view of glass, the glass of fire windows must be tempered, the glass of ordinary windows is not necessarily, so it can not play a role in fire prevention, and the glass of fire windows should also have fire signs. The fire glass can be filled with fire-proof liquid, which does not affect the fire resistance of the fire-proof window. The light transmittance of glass shall not be less than 75% of ordinary flat glass of the same number of layers.

2. From the material, the general fire windows are made of steel, common plastic steel, aluminum alloy and wood. According to the state, fire windows can be divided into Grade A and C, different fire rating and different fire-resistant time of fire windows. Class a windows shall not be less than 1.5 hours, class B windows shall not be less than 1 hour, and class C windows shall not be less than 0.5 hours. According to the latest specification GB16809-2008 fire windows. The sealing material between frame and fire glass shall be of fire-resistant material, which can play the role of fire prevention and smoke prevention in case of fire. But ordinary windows because of the fast thermal conductivity, also, there is no fire-resistant time, so it can not play a good fire protection role.